Dyslexia Teacher Training


At Educator Learning Lab, our dyslexia training aims to:

-Provide teachers with low-cost, quality dyslexia training alternative

-Provide parents with accessible, on-demand dyslexia training for support and advocacy

-Provide administrators with cost-effective, time-efficient dyslexia training compliance


Dyslexia Training Course Catalogue

Build empathy and awareness about students with dyslexia and provide research-based tools to screen, identify, support, and remediate students with dyslexia in the classroom. 

Browse our list of expert-led, on-demand courses currently live and in production:

1. Dyslexia in the General Education Classroom Free!

2. Reading Fluency by Jan Hasbrouck, PhD - Enroll Now!

3. Systematic Reading and Spelling Instruction in the General Ed Classroom (Overview of Orton-Gillingham) by Georgette Dickman, MA LDT/C OG T/TH Coming October 2017

4. Preparing School Psychologists to Effectively Provide Services to Students with Dyslexia by Laurice M. Joseph, PhD - Enroll Now!

5. Classroom Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia Coming Winter 2018

6. Early Screening and Identification for Students with Dyslexia Coming Winter 2018

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