1 in 5 students in the general ed classroom struggle to learn to read to due dyslexia. At Educator Learning Lab, we provide quality training through expert-led, on-demand micro-courses. 


Dyslexia in the General Ed Classroom

In this FREE 35-minute course, you will learn about dyslexia, what it is and what it is not.  You’ll learn to dispel common myths and gain a better understanding of what a student with dyslexia looks like in the general ed classroom.

Led by past-IDA president G. Emerson Dickman III, Esq. and Georgette Dickman, MA LDT/C OGTH/T


Reading Fluency

In this 45-minute, you will become familiar with the most critical element of literacy: reading fluency. You'll learn how to build reading fluency, spot trouble areas for students with dyslexia, and effectively remediate it in the classroom.

Led by nationally recognized fluency expert Jan Hasbrouck, PhD



Serving Students with Dyslexia for School Psychologists

In this 1.5 hour course, you'll explore the elements of reading acquisition, what dyslexia is, how to assess and diagnose it, and how to support the IEP team to make an effective plan to remediate reading difficulties in students with dyslexia.

Led by Ohio State University Professor and Program Chair of School Psychology, Dr. Laurice Joseph, PhD



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Structured Literacy (Overview of Orton-Gillingham)

In this 1.5-hour course, you will become familiarized with an overview of the Structured Literacy approach to reading and spelling instruction (also known as Orton-Gillingham). The Structured Literacy is an an evidence-based, multi-sensory, systematic approach that has proven effective as a form of instruction for all learners, particularly those who struggle to read due to dyslexia. Launching October 2018 $99


Early Screening and Identification

In this 45-minute course, you'll become familiarized with procedures for screening for dyslexia with your students and identifying students early so they can be provided with the appropriate early intervention to remediate their reading difficulties. Launching Winter 2018/2019


Assistive Technology for Students with Dyslexia

In this 45-minute course, you'll become familiarized with current technology available to support students with dyslexia in the classroom. Launching Winter 2018/2019