Spring Spotlight on Fluency

Reading is a skill that, when mastered, provides an immense opportunity for access to information and future academic success. But for many students, reading mastery is not easily attained and remains a struggle throughout their lives. Research from Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity estimates that 20% of all students in k-12 general education setting struggle with reading and that percentage goes up dramatically - to 60-70% - in English as Second Language students, economically disadvantaged communities, and among incarcerated adults. How can we as educators address this ever present need for struggling readers? By learning how to address all of the critical aspects of reading acquisition in the classroom to swiftly and effectively assess, intervene and remediate these difficulties in our students.

This month, in preparation the summer launch of our Building Reading Fluency online course with subject matter expert Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., our blog will focus a spotlight on fluency and explore this key aspect of reading success that can sometimes be overlooked or taken for granted. Stay tuned for videos, assessment techniques, classroom tips, and technology tools to improve fluency with your students. 

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