Our course content experts are the leaders in the education field and include award-winning Orton-Gillingham Trainer of Therapists, special education attorneys, top university researchers, special and general education teachers. 


G. Emerson Dickman III, Esq        Georgette Dickman, M.A., LDT/C           Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D.                   Laurice Joseph, Ph.D  


Our Story


Educator Learning Lab started as an advocacy journey over 30 years ago. Founder, Jessica Hamman, grew up in a family surrounded by education professionals with a deep interest in learning disabilities. Her father, G. Emerson Dickman III, a special education attorney and child advocate in New Jersey, was president of the International Dyslexia Association and gathered the consensus committee that wrote the definition for dyslexia accepted in most states. Her mother, Georgette Dickman, was an Orton-Gillingham therapist trainer and professor at the Center for Dyslexia Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. They became involved in the field through their journey advocating for her brother with dyslexia in the public school system.

Two decades later, Jessica found her self in a similar position when she noticed her own son began showing signs of dyslexia. With all the knowledge and advancements since her parent's advocacy experience, she thought her son's situation would be much different. But as she began supporting him through school, she found there was still as much lack of understanding about dyslexia as there was before. How was it possible that all this research hadn't trickled down to practice? And why, in the age of the internet, was training so expensive and inaccessible? If teachers can't get the training they need, students suffer.

In 2016, she began Educator Learning Lab, bringing her background in online instructional design to courses geared toward teachers to create that bridge from research to practice that has been missing for way too long.

Our Mission 

To give teachers and practitioners the tools to better support students with dyslexia and reading difficulties in their classroom

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