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#1in5 Students Have Dyslexia


Only 38% of 4th and 8th graders are proficient in reading



37 US States Have Dyslexia Laws (And Counting...)


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The [dyslexia] course is a great tool for all teachers and should be offered in each school district for teachers to earn master plan points.
— ESE Program Specialist at Mater Beach Academy in Miami, Florida
Educator Learning Lab has wonderful courses that give you ready-to-use information to implement in your classroom and share with parents.
— Teacher, Beaufort, SC
Great for elementary classroom teachers. This series is worth every minute of your time!
— RTI Instructional Coach, Pleasanton Unified School District, CA
This course was excellent. Great up to date information, lots of tools for the teacher to use right away.
— General Education Teacher, Ukiah, CA
Why special education credential programs don’t include courses like these is completely beyond me!
— Special Education Teacher, San Rafael, CA
A great overview for the classroom teacher on the challenge of dyslexia.
— Licensed Psychologist, Northwest Territories, Canada
These courses are interesting and short enough for any educator to fit into their busy schedules. With 1 in 5 students being dyslexic, we owe it to our students to be more informed about the best approaches to help them learn more effectively. This is a must-do in professional development!
— Special Education Program Director, Donegal, Ireland

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