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Dyslexia in the General Ed Classroom

Experts: G. Emerson Dickman III and Georgette Dickman MA. You'll learn what dyslexia it is, what isn't not, and now to support students with dyslexia in the classroom.

Reading Fluency

Expert: Jan Hasbrouck PhD. You'll learn how to build reading fluency, spot trouble areas, and remediate fluency the classroom.

Structured Literacy (Orton-Gillingham)

Expert: Georgette Dickman MA. You'll learn what Structured Literacy (Overview of Orton-Gillingham) is and how to plan and teach the approach in the classroom.

Serving Students with Dyslexia for School Psychologists

Expert: Laurice Joseph PhD. You'll learn to provide services to students with dyslexia and support the instructional staff in providing best practices tailored specifically to their needs. Learn what dyslexia is, how to assess and diagnose it, and how to support the IEP team.

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General Ed Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia

Become familiar with the various ways to accommodate students with dyslexia in the general ed classroom including math, writing, and language arts. Launching winter 2017/2018



Screening, Identification, and Pre-K School Readiness Training

Learn the procedures for screening for dyslexia and provide the appropriate early intervention to remediate their reading difficulties. Launching winter 2017/2018



Assistive Technology for Students with Dyslexia

In this 30-minute course, you'll become familiarized with current technology available to support students with dyslexia in the classroom. Launching winter 2017/2018


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